Create Your Day in Slow Motion

Many of my clients feel overwhelmed and stretched too thin as they navigate their current work while in the process of a career change.  One way to help calm your nervous system and lessen your feelings of anxiety is to create your day in slow motion. Give yourself permission to move at a snail’s pace.

You can start your day by waking up and instead of jumping out of bed. Lie there and take 3 deep breaths. Allow yourself to welcome the day ahead. If you start to feel scared or overwhelmed, put your hands on your heart and breathe some more. Maybe ask your Higher Power or the Universe to give you grace through your daily activities.

Once you feel connected and grounded to yourself, slowly get out of bed. Move in slow motion putting one foot on the floor at a time. Then slowly move into your morning routine. If you shower in the morning, take it slow, feel the water on your body and notice the warmth of the water. If you drink tea or coffee, sit in your favorite spot and drink it slowly and deliberately, notice how the hot beverage goes down your throat into your belly. Sit and eat your food, do not run out the door with food in your hand. Give yourself time to sit, eat and taste each bite. If you have young kids, do the best you can, even if you just notice 2 bites, be present, move slowly.

Then, when you leave your home, walk slowly to your destination and to your car, notice your foot on the ground, notice your foot on the gas tank. Be present to your body and how it works as you walk or drive. If driving, put on soothing, relaxing music and allow yourself to be soothed into calm..

Once you get to work, take another 3 breaths. Allow yourself to get centered before  jumping on your computer or a phone call. Move slowly, and if you forget and find yourself moving fast, stand up, bend over, stretch your legs; let yourself re-set to slow motion. You can reset as much as you need, just keep holding the intention of slow motion. Envision the scene in the movie the Matrix, where things move slow, each movement matters, each movement and action is intentional.

Make sure you take a lunch break. Leave your office or work space, go sit down, and again eat your food slowly, taking in each bite. Really taste the food you are eating–savoring the food that gives you energy and fuels your body.

If a meeting gets canceled or something changes in your schedule, use five minutes of that time to again, stand up and stretch your body back and forth. Set your timer to remind you to pause every 15 to 20 minutes, notice and slow down.

End your work day intentionally. Complete it and acknowledge in your mind what you have completed. Give yourself permission to transition to going home, relaxing, doing something that allows you to activate calm.

When you end your day, again put your hands on your heart, acknowledge how you successfully moved slowly through your day. Name 3 to 5 things for which you are grateful. Let the day go and get some good sleep.

You can get through your day in slow motion and still get things done. Try it out and let me know how it goes, I would love to hear from you.


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