Change is Possible

How do we move forward on things we care about when we feel overwhelmed and scared? 

This is the question of our time, because in a world with systemic racism, the climate crisis, and political divisions, we can feel  parazlyed by fear and/or anger. 

The truth is we need to start where we are. We need to feel the grief, the pain, the anger. We can not overstep these feelings  or we will just end up “walking in circles.”

After being a coach now for over 13 years, there is one thing I know for sure, CHANGE IS POSSIBLE! And the actions you take are significant. 

As womxn, internalized sexism can leave us feeling like what we say or do does not matter. That is a big fat lie. Our actions are significant. And your actions do not have to look big, or grand. They just need to matter to you and the causes you stand behind. 

We recently witnessed a new president and female, African and Asian heritage womxn sworn into leadership. They won this election because thousands and thousands of people worked hard to make it happen. Each and every person’s efforts contributed to the win of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The combined effort created a powerful result. 

We truly are better together. I often see people get stuck when they start out trying to do something they care about on their own. We all need support. We all need community to varying degrees. Change happens with many hands and many small efforts.

Today’s world can feel like a mountain to climb, but I am here to say bring your purpose forward, bring your contribution forward. Your voice, efforts, and ideas truly matter. They matter more than you may be able to see. I encourage you with all my might to take that baby step toward what matters most to you. Your action will have ripple effects beyond what you will see. Feel the hard feelings and then take the action. Or feel the feeling and do the actions together. 

Here are some questions to help guide you:

  • What do I need to feel to then take action? Anger, grief and/or fear? 
  • Who can hear those feelings with compassion? 
  • What do I care most about in our world today? 
  • What idea/s do I want to share? 
  • Who will I share my ideas with? 


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