Challenge Your Unconscious Beliefs

The work I do with clients is not about helping them find the next job, but ultimately uncovering and discovering who they are and choosing work based on that. There are so many cultural norms that we live with. The term ‘culture‘ refers to attitudes and patterns of behavior in a given group. ‘Norm‘ refers to attitudes and behaviors that are considered normal, typical or average within that group. All societies have cultural norms.

In the U.S., one dominant cultural norms is the ideal notion that we live in the land of opportunity, that if you get an education and work hard you will be a success. But the definition of success is based on a cultural norm. The cultural norm of success is equivalent to a job title and salary. If this belief is not challenged, than most people will find themselves dissatisfied with their “success” and the work they do in the world.

The women I work with often ask, Why am I so unsatisfied? I have worked hard, I have success based on society’s definition but I feel unhappy. I think this unhappiness is their soul calling for their attention. Our souls know that we are more than cultural norms. We are unique spiritual human beings who have gifts to share beyond what we are currently doing.

I want to be clear, I do not think all people have to work outside an organizational setting to be happy; many people find a way to contribute their gifts within organizations, but it does have to be a choice. It is vital to question your unconscious beliefs and see if they are aligned with your heart and soul, if not, the heart and soul will find a way to say ding, ding, ding, whisper, whisper, there is more for you in this lifetime. There is more for you to contribute, receive, enjoy and love. Our soul’s purpose does not align with cultural norms but with matters of the heart and unique personal values.

You just need to listen within.  Create quiet time to hear the whispers. You can journal, meditate, hike, walk, float in water, sit under a tree and/or lay in the grass. The answers are truly within. Sexism often confuses us to think the answers are outside, but truly the wisdom is in your heart and soul. It does take support to learn to listen and be reminded, but your soul will guide you if you let go and listen.

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