When is the best time to hire a Career Purpose Coach?

1. You are feeling stuck, stuck, stuck. This could look 2 ways: You have no idea what you want to do next. Or you have several ideas and can’t choose.

2. You start and then stop which leaves you feeling hopeless. You make some progress in your career transition but then you allow life to distract you. You feel good through the distraction but then when you awaken from the distraction; you get present to the pain and suffering of your current work. You know deep down that you are meant to do something different, something more meaningful.

3. You are scared to death of networking. You start sweating at the very thought of a networking event. You know meeting new people and creating new connections is a good thing but you can’t get your foot out the door.

4. You find yourself mindlessly job hunting, just so you can leave your current job but you are not working toward a new direction that is inspiring you. You are trying to escape the current work rather than create your purpose work.

5. You are swimming in the waters of compare and despair. You are looking at other people’s lives and wishing you had what they had. You wish you felt more fulfilled, more satisfied, more on purpose.

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