Be Yourself No Matter What

My clients often express that they desire more authenticity in their life and in their work. They are looking for permission to be who they really are. They deeply desire to let their masks down and bring all of who they are to their work and life.

I say yes, be you. There is no one on this planet like you. You are who you are and that is pure good. That is what the world needs and desires. The world does not want some “perfect” image of you. We want you. Your whole self. The self that is funny, quirky, serious, playful, angry, loving, confused. All parts of you are welcome in this world.

I was recently listening to a podcast where the speaker said she believes in a “Friendly Universe.” What if you could really believe that you are living in friendly universe, a world where all of you is accepted and loved, even the cranky, edgy and angry part of you?. How might you show up differently in the world? What might you choose to do?

A friend and I were discussing the idea of being judged, she said “What if you lived in a world where you said ‘Judge me, go ahead, judge me. I am going to be me, you be you and if you judge me, yay, mission accomplished.’” What would your life look life if you gave yourself permission to be judged? What would you do differently?

You can choose your perspective, both hopefully end in the same result, your freedom and you living on purpose. It doesn’t matter which perspective you choose. What matters is that you choose a perspective that allows you to be yourself. To let your soul shine through.

Is it vulnerable to be yourself in this world? Hell yes! And is it worth it? Double hell yes! Our soul’s purpose calls us forth, all of us, not just part of us. If you really want to flourish, you need to be nobody but yourself. Mistakes and all. The whole of you is a beautiful recipe that the world most desperately needs.

You may ask, but how do I be me in this world? The key ingredient is do it no matter what and have a tribe of women cheering you on, holding you. We do not do life wholeheartedly alone, we do it with our tribe, our beloveds holding and loving us. Find your tribe, hold onto them, and be you, marvelous, magical you.

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