Be of Service with Purpose

What do you feel or think of when you hear the word PURPOSE? Does it excite you, scare you, overwhelm you, affirm, or confuse you? 

In our PERFECTIONIST and SEXIST world, we may diminish our purpose because it does not look as BIG as MLK, Gandhi, or Gloria Steinem.

For years, I have been a PURPOSE coach. Some people believe that  PURPOSE has to be something BIG and GRAND. That is a myth. No, that is actually, excuse my language, bullshit. 

PURPOSE simply has to be something ALIGNED to your heart and soul.

If a leaf falls in the forest and no one hears it does it exist? Well hell yes, it exists. We live in a culture that is DISeased with IMAGE and AFFIRMATION. Some of the best acts of service are when no one knows and is just between you, your heart, and a higher power. 

To me activism is simply being of service for SOCIAL JUSTICE and that can take many forms and actions. Don’t get me wrong, it does not mean that I do not deeply respect and admire activists on the frontlines making big waves. I am simply saying there is ROOM and SPACE for everyone. We can all be ACTIVISTS in our own way, based on our strengths, desires, and energy. 

Maybe you look at the current state of our world and have a whisper to do something about it but you stop yourself by saying, it won’t matter, I don’t have time, no one will like my ideas. This, my friends, is simply your inner critic at play. 

More than ever we need all hands on deck. We are living in unprecedented and scary times that are pulling us all out of our comfort zone, so why not take this time to take action. Take the next right action for you. There are so many social justice issues to choose from:the climate crisis, systemic racism, economic inequality, education equity, women’s rights, LGTBQI rights, voting and so much more. 

Go toward what sparks your energy, then do your research, educate yourself, and then take one baby step toward your own personal activism. We all have an activist inside, and this time is calling for that part of you to step forward more than ever. 

Most importantly, your voice, your action, big or small does matter and will have an impact maybe beyond what you will ever know. You are deserving of making a difference.

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