Allow This Time of Year to Nurture Your Soul

This time of year (season) is a calling to slow down, reconnect, plant the seeds you want to harvest in the Spring. It can also be a time of stress with the Holidays and travel. I want to encourage you to follow the lead of the season and slow way down.

Allow the natural cycle of going inward, and quieting the mind to take place. Notice what shows up? Are you ready for a new chapter, new job, career overhaul? What is your soul calling you toward?

As you know, I coach women in career transition, really life transition because when we change something as big as our career it shakes the foundation of our life.  Sometimes, when I first start with a client they have no idea what they want as far as a career change, they just know they are so very unhappy. My experience both personally and professionally has taught me that the only way to really know what we want is to slow down and get quiet, hear the whisper of our soul, hear the whisper of our heart, hear the whisper of a higher calling. It is in this silence that we awaken to more, we awaken to our deepest desires and we awaken to what we want.

It is way more motivating, inspiring and energizing to move TOWARD what we want rather than away. It is as if the wanting and knowing propels us forward and generates faster action and results. We all tend to move faster when we have clarity.

It is magical, just as this time of year is filled with magic. Let the magic in. Take a break from all the holiday hustle and bustle and give yourself the gift of quiet, the gift of slowing down.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Schedule the quiet time on your calendar, make it a priority
2. If you are a Mom, set up some extra childcare
3. Go to a yoga class
4. Go for a hike in nature
5. Go to the spa and sit in the sauna
6. Book a day or half day retreat at any local church, temple, ashram, monastery etc…
7. Go soak in the local hot springs
8. Go sit by the water (bay, ocean, lake, river)

As always, I love hearing from you.  Please, share how you allowed yourself the gift and the magic of slowing down and getting quiet.

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