Allow Receptivity

Receptivity is allowing yourself to receive, and in the receiving you will increase your intuition and energy. When we are in career-life transition, our first instinct is to explore externally–to look outside of ourselves for answers. We take action and go, go, go. But what if you did the opposite and allowed yourself to receive from nature, friends, family, and strangers?

What might be possible if you opened yourself up to receiving? Women tend to truly struggle in this area. We tend to be more in the camp of giving and doing. Receiving may be so foreign we may not even know how to take steps toward doing it.

I lead two GreenLight Women’s Circles, one in San Francisco and one at my home in Marin. In the same week, both groups pulled the card Hathor from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. The reaction in both groups was the same: YES, YES, YES! I relate. I want to receive. I NEED TO RECEIVE!

Hathor is an Egyptian Goddess represented by the head of a cow to symbolize the sacred animal’s life giving milk and mothering. The various meanings of this card include be still and listen, ask for help, increase psychic awareness, know that you are in a learning cycle, be more in your feminine energy, and trust that healing is occurring.

Asking for help is a common challenge for many women. What if you gave yourself permission to ask for help? What might open up for you? What payoff might you get from asking for help?

As much as women can give, it is just as vital that we ask for help. Some examples may be to email your network asking for help in finding work in a specific industry. Maybe you ask someone to watch your children while you go workout. Maybe you ask someone to help you clean your home. Maybe you invite a group a friends over and appreciate each other. Yes, just simply appreciate each other and let in the appreciation. Maybe you ask someone to rub your neck or feet. Maybe you take yourself on a walk and ask the nature around you to guide you toward more clarity or help calm your nerves. Maybe you go to the ocean and watch the waves, and let each wave clear your confusion.

If you are someone who finds yourself giving and giving, I highly encourage you to invite the Goddess Hathor into your heart, and allow her to help you build your receiving muscle and then watch what opens up for your and your life. What internal and external changes do you notice?

Please share, I always love hearing from you.


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