Accepting and Expressing All Parts of Ourselves

I dream of a world where people would know their goodness and accept all parts of themselves. I see many clients suffer from not being able to express parts of themselves and then turn that part inward and judge it. I am here to whisper into your heart and soul and assure you that all parts of you are welcome. You are a unique person on this planet, and you deserve to have the fullest expression of yourself, even the messy and hard parts.

Long ago, in a universe far away, I worked full time in the corporate world. I loved my customers and I loved my co-workers, but my overall experience was not great. What I found  in this environment was in total contradiction with my values. I witnessed and experienced a lack of permission to be fully human.

In corporate and non-corporate settings you hear the word professionalism a lot. Be a professional. Act like a professional. The very words “act like a professional” denies one permission to be human. I think having feelings at work is not only vital for the health of the organization but simply put, is HUMAN.

Our world has so many “rules” about what emotions are accepted and which are not, And where you get to say how you are feeling and where you need to suck it up. What if we could have a world where you were allowed to just be you and your co-worker got to be herself and all was still good, even with “messy” feelings? What if we could live in a world where being authentic was revered in a work setting?

I am not suggesting we live life based on our emotions, but I am suggesting what if we lived, knowing we have total permission to have our feelings, even the hard ones? Knowing and trusting that emotions when felt, change. Nothing stays the same. Every emotional state ebbs and flows.  

Imagine a working world where emotional being and individual expression was honored and respected. Given that women tend to have more access to their emotional life, it makes me believe that the suppression of emotions in the workplace is another deep form of sexism. It is another way of control. What if you could be “professional” and authentic? How would that change your relationship to work and life?

I want for you to:


Be all of who you are.

Express all parts of yourself.

Be in good relationship with your emotional life.

Know your goodness through and through.

If you want to live life fully expressed, please reach out. I would love to support your WHOLENESS in work and life!


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