The GreenLight Approach

You may be thinking what is coaching anyway?

True authentic coaching is guiding a client to her higher knowing, inner wisdom. It is not telling a client what to do or giving them the answers. Giving someone the answers is consulting not coaching. Please, be weary of coaches that tell you they have the answer to your life or know what your purpose is. This simply is not true.

And no one can truly consult you on your life. You know you best and you know your life best.

One of my greatest joys as a coach is watching a client come back to herself, to Re-MEMBER who she is and then ground in that knowing. That single moment is like a spark that leads to abundance of inspiration and possibilities. It’s truly magical to witness. Our access to our inner knowing is always there, but often as women we have been conditioned to forget.

It is natural to be hungry for answers when first beginning your career purpose journey. And it is natural to seek answers outside yourself, but the truest answers are within. The truest answers are in your heart and soul, with powerful questions and learning to listen within, you will find the answers you seek. You will unearth your purpose.  You only need to be witnessed and have your inner wisdom honored to hear the whispers of your soul.

Most of my clients have followed an external authority for so long that it is not always natural to seek the answers within. It’s like building a muscle. It takes trial and error and being in connection with yourself. My wish for you is to re-member who you are and know that the world craves the AUTHENTIC, BRILLIANT YOU Let her SHINE!

With the GreenLight Approach, you will Clarify Your Purpose. 

No matter where you are in your transition, this transformational experience will provide you with the foundation you need to align your personal strengths with your purpose. With The Three Pillars, you’ll learn to prioritize self-care, find clarity and reveal your internal motivation. You’ll learn to visualize a more fulfilling future, explore new ideas, and forge new connections. You’ll be inspired to make goals, take action, and flourish. You will confidently choose and take action toward your purpose work. You can have work that lights you up and makes you feel good. It simply takes a dose of courage and a willingness to explore.

It all rests on The Three Pillars

Build Connection Prioritize self-care and reconnect with your higher self.
Clarify Purpose Open to new possibilities and visualize a more fulfilling future.
Choose Flourishing Make choices with mindfulness and engage with power.

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