Small Group Coaching Program

Gather your courage. Speak up. Be Visible.

You are someone who has smart and creative ideas. You clearly observe what is happening in work meetings or in your community and think about how it could be done better. You know in your heart that these ideas have powerful potential. BUT you have a strong inner critic who often tells you the following:

“It won’t make a difference.”
“This idea probably only makes sense to me.”
“There isn’t enough time.”

“Who will listen?” 

The last one is a most common female inner critic thought!  

GreenLight Your Voice is the catalyst for those brilliant ideas to come to fruition.  For almost 10 years I have been coaching women toward career purpose -- fiercely committed to helping more women living on purpose — knowing that women on purpose will be the ones who change the world.

  • Are you filled with the desire to make a difference?
  • Do you yearn to speak up, but freeze when you go to do it?
  • Do you find yourself angry and feeling powerless about what to do next?
  • Are you always brainstorming ideas, but stuck in taking action?

If you said yes to any of these, GreenLight Your Voice is a chance to clear out the blocks and activate your inner changemaker. We women are hungry to make a difference — it’s time. And when we look back over history, one thing is always clear: women do their best work in the company of other women.

Women supporting women always equals progress.

For GreenLight Your Voice, I will be taking eight women on a six week journey to putting their voice in the world. The small group is designed to foster a high degree of intimacy and connection, creating a foundation of safety from which you will be able to move your vision and your voice forward.

GreenLight Your Voice will next be offered in the Fall, 2017

Live* 60-minute calls.

Week 1 Aligning Your Values With Your Voice

When something matters to us, we speak up. Lean into your values and you will find your voice.

Week 2 Befriending Your Inner Critic

Our inner critic isn’t the enemy—it serves to protect us. Learn how to use your inner critic as a guide and take action anyway.

Week 3 Know and Embrace Your Communication Style

Understand and honor your way of communicating. Learn how your style can be used to speak up in a strong and authentic way.  

Week 4 Hear Your Inner Wisdom

We all have a higher self who holds our own unique wisdom. Cultivate a relationship with this self in order to speak from your deep and honest inner knowing.

Week 5 Accessing The Courage You Already Have

We are all born with bravery and determination. Once these qualities are activated, we can step out, step up and take some risks.

Week 6 Making The Choice to Take Action

Conscious action is not impulsive or fragmented—it involves using the mind and the heart together. When we make a conscious choice to take action, our wisdom and our passion work together.

*All calls will be recorded. If you have to miss one, I will email the recording after class!

I will begin each call with a short talk about the week’s topic. This will be followed by Q&A and then I will leave ample time to do laser coaching. I will gently encourage you all to speak up and get the support you deserve. 

I can’t even tell you how true it is that YOUR VOICE MATTERS. Whether speaking up with a partner or friend, bringing your voice to your family, being more vocal at work, or speaking within your community—change starts when we can vocalize our ideas and perspectives.

GreenLight Your Voice is about creating a supportive community where participants leave ready to speak up, speak out, and engage authentically. It is my experience again and again that women move faster in group work than they do on their own.

If you are interested in being part of GreenLight Your Voice, let's connect and set up a call. In this call I will answer any questions you have and we can work together to set an intention for your time in the group.

The cost of GreenLight Your Voice is $497 for all of the following:

  • 30 minute introductory call with me to set your intention for the group
  • 6 X 60-minute calls (recorded and delivered to you)
  • Weekly homework with handouts
  • Accountability Buddy
  • Private FB group to connect, celebrate and get support
  • One on one coaching in the group calls
  • Connection with SEVEN other fabulous women

You can pay in one payment of $497 or in 2 payments of $250.

I do hope you will join. The world is begging for you to be courageous with your words, intentional with your action, and giving with your brilliance.

You will complete these 6 weeks with:

  • Clarity on your personal and professional values.
  • Understanding your inner critic and how to work with her.
  • Insight and compassion for your communication style.
  • Connection to your Inner Wisdom.
  • Discernment on how to tap into your internal courage.
  • Awareness on how to create sustainable action.

If you are feeling called to this group, I want to connect with you.

with love,

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