Follow the Breadcrumbs to Your Purpose Work

Years ago, when I was working my corporate sales job, I traveled to Connecticut for our yearly national sales meeting. I was miserable. No one enjoyed going to these events, so there was a lot of drinking to make up for the angst everyone felt. I do not drink, so that part was not even enjoyable. ... [Read More]
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What Assumptions Are You Living With About Your Work Life?

In the study of Organizational Behavior there is a concept called the “psychological contract.” “Psychological contracts are a set of 'promises' or 'expectations' that are exchanged between the parties in an employment relationship. These parties include employers, managers, individual employees and their work colleagues. Unlike formal contra... [Read More]
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Success and the Work-Life Balance

Some people are fortunate in that they both discover their soul’s purpose early in life and have the means to devote themselves full force. For many of us though, following our calling will involve drastic change – even if that means stepping away from what many perceive as great success. Max Schireson, CEO of database vendor MongoDB, recent... [Read More]
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Compare and Despair

Happy New Year! May this be the year you generate more of what you want for yourself and your soul's calling. This time of year can feel like hitting the restart button, a do over, or fresh slate. It is a good feeling to stand in January and look at the year ahead, all the possibility. Many people make resolutions such as get a new job, loose weigh... [Read More]
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Creating awareness around your motivation

Change can be challenging, especially initiating it and taking that first step. Often our inner critic or gremlin can get loud and find ways to convince us to remain inactive and keep the status quo. That critic part of us is more committed to the predictable. Being aware of this thinking is very important so that we can recognize it for what it is... [Read More]
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