Don’t Give Up on Birthing Your Purpose

When you are in career transition toward purpose work, it is inevitable that you will experience obstacles and doubt. Your inner critic will get loud and tell you to give up. It won’t actually say, “give up,” but it will come up with what appears to be “good reasons” to stop pursuing your purpose work. This is totally normal. Our inner... [Read More]
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Embrace Freedom By Befriending Fear

In order to make the big changes in our lives we must be willing to take risks. Befriending the fear associated with failure can be among the biggest hurdles when making the decision to follow a calling. Learning to manage your fear will help you to keep the possibility of negative outcomes in perspective, and the potential for flourishing in sigh... [Read More]
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Forgiveness is powerful. Lately, I have been implementing a daily forgiveness practice. For years I have practiced daily gratitude, naming 10-15 things I am currently grateful for. This practice has helped me to a positive place even when I have had a difficult day. I also believe gratitude helps to perpetuate that which is going well in my life... [Read More]
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