Expect Obstacles for Peace of Mind

The past couple of weeks I have been noticing my resistance to day to day obstacles. I am observing my brain tell me as the obstacle occurs, this should not be happening, or even better, this is not fair. Yesterday, I had a breakthrough. But first let me tell you some of the things I have been resisting and saying "this should not be happenin... [Read More]
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Necessary Endings

I love listening to podcasts, especially while I hike. There is something sweet about moving my body and listening to podcasts that help propel me into a creative mindset. One of my favorite pod casts is The RobCast led by Rob Bell. On his very first podcast, he discus... [Read More]
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What is Your Purpose?

What is your purpose? What does purpose mean to you? Lately, I have been delving into the idea of purpose and what it means. I like thinking of purpose as a verb rather than a noun. The definition of purpose as a noun is the reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists. Purpose defined as a verb is to have as one... [Read More]
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Moving from Conflict to Connection

I once had a professor (an expert in conflict and communication) say that in life we are either presently in a conflict, just getting out of conflict or about to enter a conflict. Conflict is the condition in which people’s concerns - the things they care about - appear to be incompatible. Conflict is inevitable. Human beings are dynamic and can ... [Read More]
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Appreciation has been on my mind lately as it is showing up everywhere especially in my clients lives. Appreciation is so powerful both for the receiver and the giver and in my humble opinion we do not appreciate each other enough both in our personal lives as well as work. Appreciating someone can open them up to their greatness, their potential, ... [Read More]
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