Jennifer S. Matt

Michelle's coaching allowed me to step in to my potential and realize my dreams.

I had a dramatic transition between employment and starting my own business, I was fired and left with the choice of wallowing or really looking at the part I played in the drama. I hired Michelle Olsen to help me unravel the situation, see my part in it and create a vision for the future I wanted for myself.

What I value most about our work together is Michelle’s deep and perceptive listening skills. She asks great questions and then listens for the essence of what I sometimes can’t even quite see or acknowledge. Each week Michelle coached me through my struggles with doubt, fear, and resistance by empowering me with my own words, visions and ideas.

With Michelle’s help, I started my own business, won a multimillion dollar account in the first year and most importantly have addressed head on my part in the drama of getting fired. Michelle’s coaching helped me break a long standing pattern of behavior, liberating me from a cycle of destructive behavior thereby allowing me to step in to my potential and realize my dreams.

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