Jana Carrey

I think she has a gift for helping women to find their own gifts!

Michelle is an intuitive coach and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I felt instantly at ease with her and was able to open up so honestly with her about life goals and desires that were sort of sitting under the surface. I started working with her during the middle of a big life transition, when I was feeling lost. She met me where I was truly at, rather than where I thought I should be with my career discovery process. She helped me tune back into my own deeper wisdom and intuition, and to notice when my inner critic was getting in the way of trusting myself. Working with her was a balance of great practical tips and holding me accountable to myself balanced with coaching me through the intangible, inner (and often scarier) component of life/career transitions.

Working with her was a truly empowering process! I think she has a gift for helping women to find their own gifts!

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