Andrea Dindinger

I'd want women who work with Michelle to know that change is very possible.

Life before Michelle was more unorganized in all aspects of my work. I was working more than I wanted to be, not billing clients effeciently, not growing my business, just barely keeping my head above water. Michelle’s coaching helped me shift my work hours from four days and two nights, to three days and one night. I increased my weekly billings from about $800/week to over $2000/week. I have a regular practice of invoicing clients and getting paid more timely. I’ve started regularly networking, where I once dreaded asking for referrals, I am now easily and openly asking for specific types of referrals, I’m working smarter, there’s a flow to my day, that’s determined by me instead if by my clients. And lastly I’ve become a great referral source for my colleagues.

I’d want women who work with Michelle to know that change is very possible. That having support and accountability to creating change is essential as well as awesome to receive. And that Michelle is amazing at connecting the dots, offering suggestions as well as challenges throughout your growing process.


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