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on Creating Career Purpose

There is always an opportunity for more: more perspective, more options, more love, more connection, more challenge, more freedom.


Appreciation has been on my mind lately as it is showing up everywhere especially in my clients lives. Appreciation is so powerful both for the receiver and the giver and in my humble opinion we do not appreciate each other enough both in our personal lives as well as work. Appreciating someone can open them… [Read More]


Have you ever had the experience where you made an assumption, took action thinking it was coming from a “good”  place and then the feedback you received from the other person/s had the opposite effect? I believe it is a common place experience and it is often where conflict begins. Assumptions can create our perspectives… [Read More]


I love self-assessments because they can mirror back our strengths and value. They can be a starting place to grow and/or build upon.  Some of the popular self- assessments are the Enneagram, Myers Briggs, DISC and Strengthfinders. Here is a cool one from O Magazine.  Try it out, let me know what you learn? Who… [Read More]

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