Don’t Give Up on Birthing Your Purpose

When you are in career transition toward purpose work, it is inevitable that you will experience obstacles and doubt. Your inner critic will get loud and tell you to give up. It won’t actually say, “give up,” but it will come up with what appears to be “good reasons” to stop pursuing your purpose work. This is totally normal. Our inner... [Read More]
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Purpose Work is a Journey Not a Destination

When you feel called to do purpose work, it is important to learn to listen within. Learn to create quiet space to hear the depths of your highest self. Learn to listen to your soul’s whispers. My clients are successful mid-career women who have learned to succeed by following an external authority. They excel in school, university, and at the... [Read More]
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What Assumptions Are You Living With About Your Work Life?

In the study of Organizational Behavior there is a concept called the “psychological contract.” “Psychological contracts are a set of 'promises' or 'expectations' that are exchanged between the parties in an employment relationship. These parties include employers, managers, individual employees and their work colleagues. Unlike formal contra... [Read More]
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When is the best time to hire a Career Purpose Coach?

1. You are feeling stuck, stuck, stuck. This could look 2 ways: You have no idea what you want to do next. Or you have several ideas and can’t choose. 2. You start and then stop which leaves you feeling hopeless. You make some progress in your career transition but then you allow life to distract you. You feel good through the distraction but ... [Read More]
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What is an Informational Interview?

What Is an Informational Interview? An informational interview is an opportunity to meet someone doing work that peaks your curiosity. This is an excellent tool to use while in career transition, because an informational interview gives you the opportunity to learn more, connect with people and expand your network. How Do I Find Someone to Interv... [Read More]
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New clients often ask me if they should quit their current job.

The response I give my clients is this: Unless you are able to financially support yourself for one year, or even better, two years, I caution you not to quit your current work. Trying to envision your purpose work  while stressed about finances is almost impossible. Psychologist Abraham Maslow discussed this in his paper “A Theory of Human Moti... [Read More]
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Utilizing our Natural Strengths = Purpose Work

Something that has sustained my curiosity for decades is our individual relationship to work. I was raised in a working class environment, so the messages I got were a lot around needing to work HARD and never having much choice in what your work life looked like. This led to the belief that ‘being ourselves’ and ‘having fun’ were things... [Read More]
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What is Purpose?

The term “purpose” is thrown around alot these days. This makes it worth asking ourselves, “How do we view ‘purpose’ in the first place?”
  •  I believe every human is born with purpose—that we are born to make a difference in this world, our life, and the lives of others.
  • I believe we all have natural gifts and ... [Read More]
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The one thing you have that no one else has…

The one thing you have that no one else has is YOUR VOICE! Your voice is a culmination of your values, life experience, stories and vision.  YOUR VOICE MATTERS. As women it can often be easy to discount our ideas and not speak up; we live in a sexist society, and we have been hurt in the past for speaking up. BUT if we do not speak, we actually hu... [Read More]
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Write your success story to build courage

Over 16 years ago, when I was exploring what my purpose might be, I discovered the Life Work Center in San Francisco. (Unfortunately, it no longer exists.) The mission of this non-profit was to help those of us feeling lost, scared or confused find clarity toward our purpose.

One of my biggest A-HA! moments came from this exercise—writing a ... [Read More]
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