Baby Steps Create Change

“The journey of 1,000 steps begins with the first step” –Lao Tzu This quote by Lao Tzu is one of my favorites. The beginning is the most powerful part of any journey. Once you start, you can create momentum, but it is the beginning that sparks the energy. You just need to decide if you… [Read More]

Women Our Time is Now

Women, our time is now. It is time for us to answer our callings and take action. It is time for us to put our voices out into the world in bigger, bolder, brighter ways.  This election has left me heartbroken, as a woman and as a Mother of a young girl (and  boy), I need to… [Read More]

The Gift of ‘Me-Time’

Structuring your life around family and work, no matter how much you may love both, inevitably leads to you giving much of your time and energy to others. There is nothing wrong with this. The work we do and the people we care about provide us with feelings of inspiration, achievement, and joy. Still, it… [Read More]

Celebrating my New Website

I am excited and grateful to be launching my new website. It has truly been a labor of love. As you will see the new website is more up-to-date and refined in reflecting my message about work life purpose and fulfillment. I am thrilled that my new branding authentically expresses my passion about life, work,… [Read More]

Internal Seasons

I have been thinking about the ebb and flow of life. How sometimes we are in action, sometimes we are in planning mode, sometimes we are resting and sometimes we are in celebration. There are many layers of energy in life. I think we all have internal seasons and sometimes our internal season does not match… [Read More]